Kool-Aid Man

ATARI 2600 CARTRIDGE [#4648]

Release 1983

Trademark and character licensed from General Foods

Design/Program: Steve Tatsumi

CATALOG DESCRIPTION (January 1983, Consumer Electronics Show)

Almost everyone knows the famous smiling pitcher, the nationally advertised character for General Foods Kool-Aid. He's helped Kool-Aid become the third largest selling soft drink in America. And now he's the star of his own action-packed video game.


Marketing made a deal with General Foods to develop Kool-Aid Man cartridges for Intellivision and Atari, then called upon the programmers to come up with the gameplay. A contest was held and the winner for best Atari idea was Steve Tatsumi (the Atari and Intellivision games were different, for reasons described on the Intellivision Kool-Aid Man page).

Steve had been working on an original Atari title, Swordfight, but Kool-Aid Man was deemed higher priority. Steve started programming Kool-Aid Man immediately.

BUG: Some of the Mattel Electronics System Changers won't play Kool-Aid Man.

BUG: If the game console is turned on while the difficulty switch is int he A (pause) position, numerous lines appear on the right side of the screen. When the switch is flipped to B, the lines disappear and the game starts.

BUG: Occasionally a green thirsty will flash briefly on the left of the screen.

BUG: While Kool-Aid Man is small, the mving thirsties will hit him and cause him to rebound out of control. It is possible for the rebounding Kool-Aid Man to pass partially through a moving thirsty without rebounding again.