Super Pro Decathlon


Release 1988

Produced by Realtime  Associates for INTV Corporation

Design/Program/Background Graphics: Scott Robitelle

Animations: Connie Goldman

Music/Sound: David Warhol

Package Illustration: Steve Huston

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The winner of the Decathlon is often called the Greatest Athlete in the World -- competitors must show world-class skill in 10 different events! Speed and endurance on the track. Form and timing on the jumps. Strength and determination on the throws. Now put yourself to the test with 10 tough contests that will challenge you like never before! Don't be surprised if you find yourself out of breath and your heart racing!

• 10 Complete Events! 100 Meter Dash! Hurdles! Long Jump! High Jump! Pole Vault! Discus! Shot Put! Javelin! Triple Jump! 400 Meter Run!

• Compete in the full Decathlon, or practice individual events.

• 1 to 4 players can compete!

• 3 difficulty levels.


Super Pro Decathlon was the only new title released by INTV Corp. not done by one of the original Mattel Electronics programmers. Scott Robitelle was a friend of Dave Warhol's who had done the hardware design of the development systems used by Realtime Associates. Dave gave him a shot at designing a game. (A later game programmed by Scott, Choplifter! was never finished.)

Super Pro Decathlon was timed for release with the 1988 Summer Olympics.

FUN FACT: For the title screen music, Dave Warhol recycled the fanfare he wrote for the unreleased Mattel Electronics cartridge Go For The Gold.

FUN FACT:  INTV used the successful "Super Pro" designation, despite the fact there are no professional decathlon competitions.