Release 1987

Used under license from Data East USA, Inc. and Capcom USA, Inc.

Produced by Realtime  Associates for INTV Corporation

Program: John Tomlinson

Graphics: Connie Goldman

Sound: David Warhol

Instructions Posted Here


More Action Than We've Ever Before Packed Into a Single Game!

You're on foot, alone, armed with a machine gun and hand-grenades. Your goal: advance across deserts and jungles through swarm after swarm of well-armed enemy soldiers! The odds are impossible!

• Bullets fly! Grenades explode!

• Run, shoot, keep cool, and maybe, just maybe, you can beat the odds!

• Survive one mission, then it's on to the next, harder than before!

All the Fun and Excitement of the Hit Arcade Game!

For one or two players


Producer Dave Warhol hired former Mattel Electronics programmer John Tomlinson (Mission X) to do the conversion of Commando to the Intellivision. John did some brilliant programming (the bullets are not moving objects, they are animated on the fly in the background), but he wasn't big on discipline. As the deadline loomed with the game far behind schedule, Dave had to take drastic measures.

We'd like to avoid the word "kidnapping" since it implies a capital crime, but Dave did drive to John's apartment, grab him, and drive him back to Dave's home office where John remained, living and working, until Commando was finished.

EASTER EGG: To display credits, press 0 (zero) while the title screen is displayed.

EASTER EGG: Secret Screen: Press 23 (two and three simultaneously) on the left hand controller, 26 on the right and press reset?