Body Slam: Super Pro Wrestling


Release 1988

Produced by Realtime  Associates for INTV Corporation

Design/Program: Steve Ettinger

Graphics: Connie Goldman

Sound: David Warhol

Package Illustration: Steve Huston

Instructions Posted Here


ALL RIGHT YOU CREEPS -- this is the one you've been waitin' for -- BODY SLAM!!! -- the roughest, fastest, wiiiiiildest game ever! Climb in the ring with one of the toughest, craziest ANIMALS in the WHOLE WORLD -- like JACK HAMMER, BARON VON THUD, and DR. PAIN!!! They look pretty funny, huh? Well, ha ha ha -- they want to TEAR YOUR LAUGHIN' HEAD OFF! Whatsa matter -- AM I SCARING YOU???!!! C'mon -- you can learn the moves: THE HEAD BUTT (OOOOO!!!) -- THE BAZOOKA PUNCH (BOOM!!!) -- THE SPIN HEAVE (HEEEEEE'S OUTTA HERE!!!!) -- Anything Goes!!!!!

• ARGHH!!! Pin Your Opponent in a Zany Free-For-All Match!

• OOOFF!!! Pick 'im Up! Spin 'im! Toss 'im Outta the Ring! Chase 'im Through the Blood-Thirsty Crowd!

• GLURK!!! 12 Tough, Bizarre Characters to Become or to Battle!

• UNNHH!!! 26 Different Moves to Master, from the defensive POSSUM ROLL to the devastating POWER KICK!

• YIPES!!! Play One-On-One or Tag Team!

• AACKK!!! 6 Skill Levels for Constant Challenge!

• UUULP!!! Battle a Friend or a Merciless Computer Controlled Opponent!

See youse in the ring, IF YOU GOT THE GUTS!

For one or two players


This was a game where Steve Ettinger and Dave Warhol were able to go crazy -- no idea was too wild. They were helped in that the deadline was extremely tight, necessitating many all-night design and programming marathons. They later admitted that many of the wackier names and moves were the result of sleep deprivation.

FUN FACT: INTV President Terry Valeski insisted on lots of hype and excitement in the catalog descriptions; copywriter Keith Robinson (TRON Solar Sailer) worked to deliver it. Ray Kaestner made fun of this at one point, telling Keith there was a typo in the Diner description: "There's a sentence here that doesn't end with an exclamation point." Keith was able to make fun of it himself with his catalog description for Body Slam -- it contains 58 exclamation points.

EASTER EGG: To display credits, press 0 (zero) while the title screen is displayed.

EASTER EGG: Press 23 (two and three simultaneously) on the left hand controller, 26 on the right and press reset to see Steve's message to his wife and kids.