Chip Shot: Super Pro Golf


Release 1987

Produced by Realtime  Associates for INTV Corporation

Design/Program: Steve Ettinger

Graphics: Connie Goldman

Sound: David Warhol

Instructions Posted Here


Puts You On the Most Challenging Courses in the World!

  • Two years in development by a team of golfers and programmers!
  • Most sophisticated video game yet.
  • Select an easy or a hard course, or put together your own from a selection of 99 holes, many based on the most famous holes in the world!
  • Choose from a full bag of clubs!
  • The wind can affect your shot; watch the flag to see which way it's blowing!
  • You determine how hard the ball is hit, you determine if the ball hooks or slices!
  • Watch out for trees, sand traps and water hazards.
  • Close-up view of each green for putting.
  • All the challenges and rewards of golfing.

For one or two players


With the success of the other enhanced versions of the early Intellivision sports titles, INTV Corp. contracted Realtime Associates to produce an enhanced version of the original PGA Golf cartridge. Realtime President Dave Warhol approached Steve Ettinger (Hover Force) about doing the programming, knowing that Steve is an avid golfer. Steve was interested, but he wanted to ignore the original version and design a new golf game for scratch. Dave agreed, and the result was a real labor of love by Steve.

FUN FACT: Steve and Dave were pretty much the "team of golfers and programmers" referred to in the catalog. The "two years in development" was also an exaggeration, by a year-and-a-half or so.

FUN FACT: If a golfer successfully makes a particularly long putt, there is an animation of him fainting onto the green.

EASTER EGG: To display credits, press 0 (zero) while the title screen is displayed.

EASTER EGG: Press 23 (two and three simultaneously) on the left hand controller, 26 on the right and press reset to see Steve's message to his wife and kids.