Stadium Mud Buggies


Release 1989

Produced by Realtime  Associates for INTV Corporation

Design/Program: Rick Koenig

Graphics: Connie Goldman

Sound: David Warhol

Package Illustration: Keith Robinson

Instructions Posted Here

THE BOG RACE - The muddiest mud buggy event! You'll want to hose off after this one!


Gear-grinding, teeth-jarring excitement -- it's STADIUM MUD BUGGIES! Get behind the wheel and floor it! Take that first hill -- you're airborne! SMACK! Bad landing -- you stall -- your opponent passes you! Jam it into gear -- your wheels spin, throwing mud everywhere -- finally some traction! You're back in the race! A car in your way? Crash over it! You're catching up! Drawbridge ahead...and it's rising! Use it as a ramp -- gun it! -- take off and YES! A perfect landing as you zoom first across the finish line!

• Realistic graphics, animation and sound effects put you right on the track!

• 9 events pit you against merciless obstacles: Hill Climb! Drag Race! Bog! Tug-O-War! Car Crush! Donuts! Drawbridge! Combo Course! And the MONSTER RALLY -- all events combined into one ironman challenge!

• Compete alone, against a friend, or against the toughest computer driver ever!

THE DRAWBRIDGE RACE - Time it right and you are flying! Make a mistake and ... CRUNCH!


Essentially, this is a super-enhanced version by Rick Koenig of his own Motocross game for Mattel Electronics. Developed as Monster Truck Rally (and announced with that name in the Fall 1988 INTV catalog), the decision to change it to Stadium Mud Buggies was made after the game was complete.

Christmas 1988 was bad for INTV Corp. The video game resurgence was in full swing, led by Nintendo. Mail orders were down, and the stores that had still been carrying Intellivision cartridges cut way back or stopped stocking them altogether, freeing up more shelf space for Nintendo games. As cash flow slowed, cartridge production of the completed Monster Truck Rally and Spiker! Super Pro Volleyball was put on hold and over a year went by without a new INTV game or catalog released.

In 1989 INTV moved into Nintendo cartridge production, with the first release to be a conversion of Monster Truck Rally, also produced by Realtime Associates and again programmed by Rick. Apparently by using the completed Nintendo version of Monster Truck Rally as proof of INTV Corporation's promising new direction, INTV President Terry Valeski was able to raise enough cash or credit to put the two finished Intellivision games into production, and to mail out a Christmas 1989 catalog (which would turn out to be the last).

Thinking that it might hurt the Nintendo Monster Truck Rally's chances if it was seen as based on an Intellivision game, Valeski had the name of the Intellivision version changed to Stadium Mud Buggies. The title screen name was changed, but the graphics remained the same -- the vehicles still look like trucks, not buggies.

Ultimately, instead of releasing it themselves, the failing INTV Corporation sold the Nintendo Monster Truck Rally to another distributor to raise cash.

In 2021, Blue Sky Rangers, Inc, rereleased Stadium Mud Buggies.