Flight Simulator


Produced by Realtime Associates for INTV Corporation

Program: John Sohl


You're the pilot in this point-of-view airplane simulator.


Flight Simulator from Microsoft was one of the first hit games for the home computer market, so it was natural the idea would come up of creating a game like it for the Intellivision. It had been discussed at Mattel Electronics in 1981 and again in late 1983 (as a 3-D cartridge to follow-up Hover Force 3-D), but no programming had ever been done on the project.

The idea resurfaced several years later. The Fall 1988 INTV catalog promised Flight Simulator soon, before work had started. Producer Dave Warhol chose John Sohl to program the game, based on John's work on B-17 Bomber. Despite John's best efforts, he and Dave agreed the results were "disastrous." It simply was not feasible on the Intellivision. The project was abandoned.

While the game at both Mattel and INTV was always referred to as "Flight Simulator," it's not known if either company actually attempted or intended to license the title from Microsoft.