Frogs and Flies

ATARI 2600 CARTRIDGE [#5664]

Release 1982

Produced by Aph Technology Consultants for Mattel Electronics

Program: David Rolfe

CATALOG DESCRIPTION (June 1982, Consumer Electronics Show)

An exciting and fun-filled fantasy for the younger set. Frogs and Flies gives one or two players complete control of their frogs jump and scoring action as they try to catch the elusive flies! Great game for the young - challenging for everyone.


Frogs and Flies is the Atari 2600 version of the Intellivision Frog Bog cartridge. A PAL version was also produced by APh for international release

FUN FACT: David Rolfe was the programmer who had created the Intellivision operating system (the Exec) and three of its first games: Major League BaseballLas Vegas Poker & Blackjack, and Checkers. Upon completing this game for the Atari 2600 (then known as the Atari VCS for Video Computer System), Dave wrote up these "instructions":

Basically, VCS Frogs and Flies is a stupid game directed at stupid kids who come from stupid families which are headed by slothful parents who were too ignorant and cheap to buy the Intellivision Master Component, so they bought the indescribably bad Atari VCS unit instead. Most Atari games are so moronic that, as the Atari commercials delight in pointing out, they can be mastered in a number of minutes by the family pooch. The VCS unit itself is so worthless that it has been personally denounced by Richard Nixon and hailed by Carl Sagan as "the greatest boon to mankind since the scratch 'n' sniff bicycle seat."

The particulars of Frogs and Flies involve the player jumping up in the air to capture and swallow flies with his sticky and extended tongue. This game is recommended by psychologists for young children since it provides excellent educational benefits for a fertile young mind, particularly in the areas of personal hygiene and oral sex.