Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man

ATARI 2600 CARTRIDGE [#4319]

Release 1983

Based on the Mattel Toys action figures

Program: Mike Sanders, Jossef Wagner

Graphics: Joe [Ferreira] King, Connie Goldman, Gerald Moore

Sound Effects/Music: Patricia Lewis Du Long

CATALOG DESCRIPTION (January 1983, Consumer Electronics Show)

The popular action figure series from Mattel now comes to life in a sophisticated video game. The Masters of the Universe game offers the challenge, adventure and excitement that's made the real action series such a hit across the country.


As with the original Intellivision version, the two parts of the game - Wind Racer and Castle Grayskull - were handled by separate programmers.

BUG: If you get killed as a man is falling into a hole, the score may slowly go crazy - up to around 400,000. This does not register as the high score and will not show up if you plaly again.

BUG: The back of the package says that the distance from the workshop of Man-at-Arms to Castle Grayskull is 30 miles. In the game it is 28 miles. (Picky, picky.)

FUN FACT: The game package lists the credits on the back - a concession made to the programmers late in 1983. Bump 'N' Jump is the only other M Network Atari game to list credits on the package.