Action Network

The Action and Space Action Networks featured arcade-style games. The Intellivision was introduced with the promise of a well-rounded library, but by late-1982 it became obvious that, responding to market demand, most of the new games then in development would wind up in the Action Network. Rather than continuing to point out the growing disparity between the Action and the, say, Children's Learning games (two titles and holding), Marketing quietly discontinued the network concept.

All of the released games on this page were released in Action Network red boxes, with the exception of Pinball. While Pinball had long been listed as an Action Network game, it was released in 1983 after the networks had been abandoned. Several of these games were also released under the Sears brand name in different packaging.



AKA Zork

Produced by APh Technological Consulting for Mattel Electronics


As indicated by its working title, this game was inspired by the text adventure game Zork. It didn't get too far; about the only record of it is in a December 10, 1981 status report written by Gabriel Baum, VP of Applications Software, after reviewing development at APh: "A new game closely paralleling Dungeons & Dragons. A man in a large cave searches for treasure, is attacked by beasts and defends himself or proceeds within the game using objects he collects. Currently only some graphics are defined." The game apparently was discontinued because it was too similar to the two Dungeons & Dragons cartridges already in development.