Sharp Shot

INTELLIVISION CARTRIDGE [Mattel Electronics #5638]

Release #42 October 28, 1982

Working Titles: Poww, ZZap!

Produced by APh Technological Consulting for Mattel Electronics

Program: Frank Evans

Package illustration: Jerrol Richardson

Instructions Posted Here


An exciting new target shooting game specially designed for children. There are four different shooting ranges for one or two players. Hit the pass receiver. Shoot down the spinning spacecraft. Bomb Navy ships. Fire at the maze monsters. Challenging action for video game beginners.


These four single-button games were originally programmed by APh for a TV game show -- contestants controlled the single fire button by saying "Pow!" With no advance notice, APh sent over these four games stitched into one with the intention that Mattel release it as a children's cartridge. Since Mattel by contract had to buy a certain amount of product each year from APh, Marketing agreed to release the cartridge, over the objections of Gabriel Baum, VP of Application Software.

Gabriel particularly objected to the packaging. In a memo to Marketing (August 31, 1982), he wrote: "...the packaging and instructions do not in any way indicate that the game and graphic content of the cartridge is extremely simplistic...I believe that Mattel Electronics is going to be exposed to very unfavorable comment when consumers discover that the quality of the cartridge is in many ways reminiscent of early Atari games." In answer to this memo, Marketing had a label added to the front of the package reading, "Specially designed game for children over 4."

An M Network Atari 2600 version of the game was also submitted by APh. It was rejected.