Pole Position®


Release 1988

Based on the arcade game by Namco

Produced by Realtime  Associates for INTV Corporation

Design/Program: Marc Urbaniec

Graphics: Connie Goldman

Sound: David Warhol

Package Illustration: Danny Brauer

Instructions Posted Here


Take the controls and wait for the green light. 3...2...1...YOU'RE OFF! Your engine roars! Shift into high, weave through the pack, and pull out into the open! A tight curve! Tires scream! You start to skid -- and another car is right in front of you! Swerve onto the grass, race ahead, then back onto the track just before smashing into a road sign! Gun it -- seconds count -- and you're across the finish line in record time! But that was just the qualifying lap...

• Exciting point-of-view graphics, realistic sound-effects, and non- stop action put YOU on the racetrack!

• Four different courses to challenge you!

• Run a qualifying lap to earn a starting position in the big race! Run the lap fast enough and earn the Pole Position!

• Fast reflexes and faster wits are needed to pass computer- controlled racers!

• The competition gets tougher the better you get!

• All the thrills of the arcade classic!


INTV Corporation had the chance to license the popular arcade game Pole Position and asked Dave Warhol if it could be converted to the Intellivision. While the Intellivision is technologically not well suited to a point-of-view driving game, Dave did some experiments and determined that it could be done.

Former Mattel Electronics manager Mark Urbaniec (Vectron) was approached to do the programming. His first reaction was "Pole Position? On the Intellivision? You're crazy." But, seeing the tests Dave had done, agreed to try it. The result was an acceptable translation of the arcade game, but in hindsight everyone agreed that it was a game that probably shouldn't have been attempted for Intellivision.

(An earlier unfinished attempt at Pole Position had been made at Atarisoft; none of that code was used in this version.)