Release 1983

Design/Program: Bob Whitehead


Yahoo! Stampede by Activision is bringing some kind of fun to your Intellivision. And some kind of challenge! The object of this tough little video trail drive is to lasso as many stampeding calves as possible. But hold on there, Pilgrim! Those little "dogies" are right clever, and they'll do their darnedest to outsmart you! So, ride hard, rope fast, and hold on to your hat! You're in for the truest test of the wild, wild West!


Stampede was one of the first Activision cartridges. The designer/programmer of the original Atari 2600 version also programmed this Intellivision version.

PLAYING TIPS: From designer Bob Whitehead in the Stampede instruction manual:

"If you are really a savvy cowboy, you could probably play Stampede till the cows come home. Strategy, patience and smart herding and roping are what really count.

"First of all, keep in mind the particular sequences in which the dogies appear. My advice is to establish a priority for roping the stampeding herd.

"One strategy is to lasso the high-point dogies first, while keeping the darker (low-point) ones herded in front of you.

"Herding is the most important part of the game. But remember, a dogie that is repeatedly herded will get tired and become more difficult to herd, because he won't run as far ahead on the screen.

"You'll notice that the dogies appear in rows. When you rope the last one of a group of dark red Herefords...get set for some fast action, 'cause there's trouble ahead!"

FUN FACT: Players who sent a photo to Activision showing a score of 3,000 or more received an "Activision Trail Drive" emblem.