Slam Dunk: Super Pro Basketball


Release 1987

Produced by Realtime  Associates for INTV Corporation

Design/Program: David Warhol & Steve Ettinger

Graphics: Connie Goldman

Sound: David Warhol

Package Photograph: Adam Yurman

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The Only Sport Game Cartridge That Lets You Own and Manage a Pro Team, and Play Every Position!

As owner:

• Assemble your team from a pool of 70 players!

• Player stats based on real major league players!

• Check out salaries -- you have to stay within budget!

As Manager:

• Decide when to put players in and when to take them out!

• Keep track of the other team's substitutions.

• Watch for your players getting tired!

As Player:

• YOU run with the ball!

• YOU decide when to pass!

• YOU make the SLAM DUNK!

• Play against a friend or battle the computer!

• 5 different play levels.

• Fouls & Free throws!

• 3 point half-court shot!

• Call time outs!

• 24 second clock!

For one or two players


The speed of the on-screen players and their shot percentages are influenced by the players' statistics. Steve Ettinger compiled the stats from real pro players, using fake names (many borrowed from INTV and Mattel employees) to avoid licensing issues.

FUN FACT: One group of Intellivision fans in Chicago became so addicted to Slam Dunk that they started searching in phone books from across the country for the names listed in the game credits, finally tracking down Steve Ettinger over a year after the game was released. They wanted to commission a custom version of Slam Dunk, using their names and playing statistics. Taken by the group's enthusiasm, Steve and Dave Warhol complied, providing them with a special prototype cartridge. Last Steve heard from them, they were still holding regular tournaments on their Intellivision.