INTELLIVISION CARTRIDGE [Mattel Electronics #3410]

Release #35 August 16, 1982

Based on the role-playing game by TSR Hobbies, Inc.

AKA: Adventure (working title), Dungeons & Dragons, D&D, ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS CLOUDY MOUNTAIN Cartridge

Produced by APh Technology Consultants for Mattel Electronics

Program: Tom Loughry

Package Illustration: Jerrol Richardson

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Enter a nether world of fantasy and adventure. There's a rich treasure to be won, but you must first prove yourself worthy of it.

Choose your weapons and your teammates carefully, because you'll need all the help you can get to work your way through the enchanted maze.

Ghosts, dragons, and sorcerers inhabit the cavern world. Most of them are menacing -- and you may want to run away rather than fight it out. But one of them is concealing the treasure!


Because of its complexity, this was the first cartridge to go over the 4K size limit; it was allocated a whopping 6K.

Originally released as ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Cartridge, CLOUDY MOUNTAIN was added to the name later when ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS TREASURE OF TARMIN Cartridge was announced

FUN FACT: The all-capitalization and the word "cartridge" are actually part of the title, as required by the contract with TSR Hobbies, owners of the Dungeons & Dragons trademark.