Mission X

INTELLIVISION CARTRIDGE [Mattel Electronics #4437]

Release 1983

Based on the Data East arcade game

Program: John Tomlinson

Graphics: Karen Nugent, Mark Buczek

Sound Effects: Andy Sells

Instructions Posted Here


You're flying a top secret bombing raid over enemy territory. Your mission: To wipe out the enemy battleships, tanks, artillery guns and bridges that come into view as you sweep over the country. Watch out for enemy flak and gunfire! Touch down and go at it again. Fly during the day, or attempt a dangerous night mission.


An M Network Atari 2600 version was announced but never completed. APh Technology Consultants started a VIC20 version without authorization, but were informed by BP Gabriel Baum that (a) Mattel hadn't decided to do VIC20 releases and (b) if they did, Mission X would not be included.

EASTER EGG: Press 6 on the right hand controller, 9 on the left and hit RESET to bring up programmer John Tomlinson's name on the title screen.