NBA® Basketball

INTELLIVISION CARTRIDGE [Mattel Electronics #2615]

Release #1 August 25, 1980

Trademark used under license of NBA Properties, Inc. and the National Basketball Association

Also released by Sears as Basketball [#4975203]

Produced by APh Technological Consulting for Mattel Electronics

Program: Ken Smith

Package illustration: Jerrol Richardson

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Two teams square off at mid-court. Up they go for the jump ball. You fake, drive, and move in for a slam dunk!

Each three man team of remarkably realistic athletes can dribble, pass in any direction, jump, block, steal . . . even take a casual set shot when they've caught the other guys napping

Four action-packed quarters -- plus overtime when needed!

  • Pass, steal, rebound, fast break, jump or set shot
  • Two players
  • 24 second clock
  • Licensed by NBA Properties, Inc.


NBA Basketball was one of the games to be included on the Go For the Gold album cartridge