Bump 'n' Jump®

INTELLIVISION CARTRIDGE [Mattel Electronics #4688]

Produced by Technology Associates for Mattel Electronics

Based on the Data East arcade game

Program/Graphics/Sound Effects/Music: Joe Jacobs and Dennis Clark

Title screen graphics: Daisy Nguyen

Instructions Posted Here

You're driving flat out and there's water just ahead. Take the causeway...or jump! Make your decision fast!


You're on the road, surrounded by a pack of cars. Anything goes! Bump 'em ...bash 'em...crash 'em off the road...before they bump you into the weeds! Jump over waterways and jump on cars to smash 'em. Watch out for obstacles in your way. Keep driving!

• Chalk up points for every car that crashes! Get bonus points for making it to the end of a roadway. Go for the highest score! Play alone or challenge a friend!

• Speed through 32 different roadways. Each one's harder than the last. Curves, narrows, water and obstacles toughen each course.

• Start with 5 cars. Get another when your score hits 20,000!

• Computer-controlled cars are out to make you crash and burn! The higher your score, the moreaggressive they get!


One day, Mattel Electronics was contacted by a couple of guys from New Jersey, Joe Jacobs and Dennis Clark, with startling information: they had hooked up a PlayCable unit to a personal computer and made their own Intellivision development system. They demonstrated that they had figured out how to program Intellivision games quite well, and they wanted to offer their services to Mattel before going to some other company.

To keep them away from the competition, Mattel contracted with them to program the Intellivision version of the arcade game Bump 'N' Jump. They, under the name Technology Associates, were paid $24,000 for the conversion.

David Warhol (Mind Strike) served as liaison, giving technical assistance as needed. Except for the title screen graphics by Daisy Nguyen, all the work was done in New Jersey, in one of the programmers' basements; they weren't invited to Mattel headquarters.

An M Network Atari 2600 version was also released. An Aquarius version was announced, but not released.

FUN FACT: Bump 'N' Jump was released just after credits began appearing on boxes (the first was Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man). But since policy forbid including names of people not currently employed at Mattel Electronics, no programmers are credited on the packaging and Daisy is given sole credit for graphics. Dave and Andy Sells (Daisy's supervisor) share credits as "Project Coordinators" and the design is credited to Data East USA, Inc