Buzz Bombers

INTELLIVISION CARTRIDGE [Mattel Electronics #4436]

Design/Program: Mike Breen

Graphics: Monique Lujan-Bekerink, Peggi Decarli

Sound/Music: Bill Goodrich

Instructions Posted Here


You're out to extinguish an angry swarm of honey bees armed with ony a spray can of bee repellent. As the bees buzz ever closer, you hit them with a blast of spray to turn them into pieces of honeycomb. The more honeycombs, the more points you score. Don't get stung.


Marketing was trying to get as many games as possible that were similar to known arcade hits, so when retailers said "Atari has Pac-Man," they could say "WE have Lock 'N' Chase," or "Atari has Asteroids," "We have Astrosmash and Space Hawk." Buzz Bombers was put into production as Intellivsion's answer to Centipede.

FUN FACT: Marketing had a version of the game prototyped with a RAID can and tried to sell SC Johnson, makers of Raid bug-spray, on a tie in deal a la Kool-Aid Man®. They gave it, according to a memo by Director Don Daglow, a "cool reception."

FUN FACT: The classic tune "Flight of the Bumblebee" is used in the cartridge, but it almost wasn't; the crack Legal Department couldn't track down whether the melody was in the public domain or not. Bill Goodrich (Quest) pointed out that the composer, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, had died in 1908, but Legal still wasn't convinced, Eventually, though, they gave it the green light.

FUN FACT: Buzz Bombers is a one-player game only, a fact that wasn't properly communicated to the Visual Design (packaging) department. Tens of thousands of copies were packed before someone realized the back said "1 or 2 can play." They had to cross it out. Every copy. By Hand.

(This was just after Josh Denham "resigned" as President of Mattel Electronics. As part of his resignation deal, he was given an office at Mattel from which he could continue to conduct business [i.e., look for work]. The joke going around was that as another part of the deal, he was in there with a Marks-A-Lot crossing out "1 or 2 can play" on Buzz Bomber boxes.)