INTELLIVISION CARTRIDGE [Mattel Electronics #1119]

Release #13 October 16,1980

Trademark used under license from American Backgammon Players Association

Also released by Sears as Backgammon

Produced by APh Technological Consulting for Mattel Electronics

Program: Kevin Miller

Package illustration: Jerrol Richardson

Instructions Posted Here


Beating Intellivision at backgammon is a lot of fun. But it's definitely not child's play.

The computer knows all the tricks -- and it calculates all the odds before it moves.

Can you find a flaw in its strategy? Can you give it pieces to gobble up freely, then trap it in the back game? Or will you just cross your fingers, press the button and roll the dice?

Perfect your own backgammon skills with this modem version of one of the world's oldest games.

  • Dice rolled randomly
  • "Pip count" appears on screen
  • Licensed by the American Backgammon Players Association

PRODUCTION NOTES was one of the original four games introduced with Intellivision when it was test marketed in 1979.

The program code was recycled in the Triple Challenge cartridge released by INTV Corporation.