Bomb Squad

INTELLIVISION CARTRIDGE [Mattel Electronics #3883]

Working titles: Voice Bomb, Juggernaut

Design/Program: Gene Smth, Shatao Lin

Graphics: Kai Tran

Sound: Russ Lieblich

Voice of Frank: Phil Proctor

Voice of Boris: Peter Bergman

See also Intellivoice credits

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It's a race against time as you attempt to disarm the terrorist bomb before it goes off! You must guess a code programmed into the bomb in order to disarm it. On the screen you see the bomb circuitry. You receive verbal background information that will help in your attempt to neutralize the bomb before it explodes. The timing device ticks away as you work. Be careful but hurry - other lives, besides your own, hang in the balance!

BUG: Depending on the level (Level 3 is the worst), you cannot take a part, with pliers, to extreme ends of the circuit board when the fast (top action) key is pressed. Once the key is released, you can. It is most noticeable when you release a part and you need to pick one up at the top level.

BUG: If the wrong part is cut, Frank will say, "Wrong part: resolder!" and there is a sound associated with it. If Boris is talking when this happens, his voice overrides Frank's. Frank won't say “Wrong part: resolder," but the associated sound still occurs.

BUG: When you have correctly soldered a part, it will not move like the others so that you know what you have replaced. However, if you solder that piece again, it will start moving.

FUN FACT: The working title Juggernaut came from the 1974 Richard Harris movie of the same name that was used for inspiration.

FUN FACT: The voices of Frank and Boris were provided by Phil Proctor and Peter Bergman, two members of The Firesign Theatre, the popular comedy group responsible for 22 best-selling record albums. Phil Proctor and a third member of the group, Phil Austin, are heard in the game B-17 Bomber.

FUN FACT: INTV Corporation unloaded the leftover inventory of Bomb Squad cartridges to a distributor in Mexico, even though the Intellivoice was never sold in that country. Without an Intellivoice, the game is virtually unplayable.

French, Italian and German translations of the dialog were recorded but never used.