PBA® Bowling

INTELLIVISION CARTRIDGE [Mattel Electronics #3333]

Release #21 July 31, 1981

Trademark used under license of Professional Bowlers' Association

Also released by Sears[#4975223]

Also released as Bowling

Program: Rick Levine, Mike Minkoff

Sound: John Sohl

Package illustration: Jerrol Richardson

Instructions Posted Here


Warm up by picking up some tricky spares. Now you're ready for ten frames of championship bowling. Select the ball weight you prefer. Decide how "slick" you want the alley. Take a few deep breaths and...you're up!

Aim carefully allowing for loft and curve. Release nice and smooth, and watch the ball plunge into the sweet part of the pocket. Strike! Keep it up, score 200, and you'll get a rousing fanfare.

• Up to four players

• Nine ball weights

• Ten alley speeds

• Licensed by The Professional Bowlers Association


PBA Bowling was the first Intellivision game actually programmed by Mattel employees: Mike Minkoff and Rick Levine from the handheld-games department. Since Mattel didn't have development equipment yet (1980), Mike and Rick commuted from Mattel in Hawthorne to APh in Pasadena three days a week. Mike gives Rick, an avid bowler, credit for the many realistic details in the game.