Horse Racing

INTELLIVISION CARTRIDGE [Mattel Electronics #1123]

Release #12 October 3, 1980

Also released by Searss

Produced by APh Technological Consulting for Mattel Electronics

Program: Chris Hawley

Package illustration: Jerrol Richardson

Instructions Posted Here


You and up to five of your friends, poring over the tout sheet. Pick your ponies, then handicap 'em.

Place your "bet." With Intellivision, you can afford to step up to the $100 window! They're off and running . . . Blueboy by a length going around the first turn . . . Here comes Black Marauder closing up on the outside . . . and here comes Red Devil on the inside rail to win by a nose!

Congratulations! You hit a longshot. Now don't go and spend it all in one place.

  • Up to 6 can play
  • "Bet" on ten different races
  • Hit 15 to 1 exactas