Space Armada

INTELLIVISION CARTRIDGE [Mattel Electronics #3759]

Release #25 October 15, 1981

Also released by Sears

Produced by APh Technological Consulting for Mattel Electronics

Program: John Brooks & Chris Hawley

Package illustration: Jerrol Richardson

Instructions Posted Here


You're defending Planet Earth against the unrelenting attack of alien warlords.

At first they throw their light brigades at you. If you're quick and careful, you should be able to elude their bombs, moving out of the way or taking refuge behind a bunker.

But when you wipe out the first couple of brigades, they'll launch a more deadly attack, dropping faster, more lethal bombs. Clear the battlefield once more, and they'll resort to guided missiles, and even more fiendish devices.

You've got your hands full -- of excitement and aliens!

  • Two skill levels
  • Varied alien weaponry
  • Invisible targets
  • Super sound effects


Space Armada is a clone of the arcade game Space Invaders. According to Mattel lawyers, the copyright of the orginal game hadn't been properly protected. Any other company could make their own version as long as they changed the name ("Space Invaders" is a trademark).

Space Armada was the first Intellivision game to take advantage of sequencing GRAM to create the illusion of more than eight moving objects (sprites) on-screen at one time.

Space Armada was originally scheduled for the Action Network and even had a limited release in the red box. Also, the first batch of blue boxes still said Action Network instead of Space Network

PLAYING TIPS: From Intellivision Game Club News, Issue 3, Summer 1982:

  • Start to the right. Knock off vertical columns to delay the armada from advancing down another rank. The fewer columns left in the armada, the better your chances of clearing the screen as the armada approaches the bottom.
  • Hit the saucer. It's difficult but well worth it. Not only do you get points, but a bunker will be rebuilt as well.
  • Don't get hit. Stay mobile or hide behind the bunkers. You'll need every "life" possible late in the game.
  • Remember the red spiral missiles don't need a direct hit to cause damage. If you're close when the missile hits bottom, your base will be destroyed.
  • Outmaneuver the red homing missiles. Lead them into a bunker. They will crash and self-destruct. Or, lead them along to one side, quickly double back underneath and fire.
  • Concentrate. Remember the structure of the invisible armadas. Many good players suffer early defeat because they forgot the presence of just one alien.