Flintstones Keyboard Fun


Characters used under license from Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc.

Design/Program: Gary Johnson

Design/Educational content: Mona Theiss, Elaine Xenos-Braswell, Pamela Dong

Graphics: Karen Nugent


It's fun to learn keyboard skills when The Flintstones and their friends are your teachers. Now everyone can enjoy the action of a colorful and exciting video game and develop useful keyboard skills at the same time! An easy way to put the whole family in touch with the computer age. Includes our unique curriculum guide.


This was one of three Entertainment Computer System cartridges developed with the Educational Product Department, consisting of Mona Theiss, Elaine Xenos-Braswell and Pamela Dong. The other two were Jetsons' Ways With Words and Number Jumble.

With this cartridge (as with the Jetsons' Ways With Words cartridge), Mattel Electronics could kill two birds with one stone: show their continuing commitment to educational games, and fulfill their obligation to use characters licensed from Hanna-Barbera in Intellivision games.