The Jetsons'®  Way With Words

INTELLIVISION CARTRIDGE [Mattel Electronics #4543]

Release 1983

The Jetsons used under license from Hanna-Barbera Productions, inc.

Design/Program/Sound/Music: Joshua Jeffe

Graphics: Donna Fisher

Educational content: Pamela Dong


Experience the world of words with the Jetsons in a colorful and action-packed video game. It's easy to improve your spelling, reading and word recognition skills when you're having fun doing it. Especially when your instructors are the Jetsons. The programs progress through grade levels, from preschool on up.


With the introduction fo the Entertainment Computer System, a new department was added to Applications Software - Educational Product - to develop educational games for the system. Of the three games they helped design - Jetsons, Number Jumble and Flintstones Keyboard Fun - this is the only one that was released.

FUN FACT: Parents may have been wary of selecting this game to teach their children. In promising that the game develops vocabulary skills, "develops" is spelled incorrectly on the box as "developes."