Computer Corridor


AKA: Computer Revenge

Design: Ron Surratt, Jane Terjung, Russ Ludwick

Program: Ron Surratt, Jane Terjung

Graphics: Joe [Ferreira] King

Sound Effects: Pat Lewis Du Long


You are captain of a star ship entering unknown planets filled with hostile computer units.

  • Score points by attacking the computer force and hitting the computer units.
  • Your mission is complete when the full quadrant of planets is free of the computer force.
  • Monitor your fuel supply, shield strength and phaser power. Use radar to locate units.Add fuel by finding the computer friendlies.
  • 3-dimensional graphics. Scrolling grid.
  • 1 player game.


This game started out as an original concept by Ron Surratt and Jane Terjung called Computer Revenge. At the same time, Spring 1983, Russ Ludwick was working on an Intellivision game called Moon Corridors, inspired by the arcade game Battlezone. In mid-1983, Marketing began an agressive campaign to release titles on as many different game platforms as possible. Noting similarities between Computer Revenge and Moon Corridors (mainly a 3-D grid effect), they decreed that the two games should be mooshed into one - Computer Corridor - and released on both Intellivision and Atari. By the time they tested and approved the idea, though, Russ was no longer working at Mattel Electronics and no one else was available to pick up the Intellivision version. A couple of months later Jane also left Mattel, killing the project altogether.

The screen shown here is a drawing used by Marketing in product testing.